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Civilization Beyond Earth Released

Civilization Beyond Earth was just released yesterday on Steam and on CD Rom for Mac, PC and Linux. I expect it to be released on the App store most likely later this year and hopefully come with Game Centre Multiplayer support.

The game costs now 49.99 Dollars but if you want to save a bit of money I suggest you wait till the winter when the game will be more stable and Steam most likely put a discount on it.

But if you can wait and really want the best and the newest games out there or you are a avid civ fanatic and need to buy it now, the reviews have been very good and price is fairly reasonable already.

Civ BE map
Civ BE map

Civ 5 gods and kings info and qoutes

We are nearing the deadline to Gods and kings as we come closer to April. I have been looking for some more information and I hope these quotes shall help you in your understanding.

Beach: I think what was engaging about the Civ IV system was just the idea of religions springing up and spreading throughout the map, bumping up against each other, and there being conflict there—wrestling for control of the hearts and minds of everybody. That gave a great flavor to everything, and it felt like it was a richer world because of that, but taking a hard look at that, we didn’t feel like there was a huge impact on the gameplay. It was like this cooler world going on, but it wasn’t really giving us interesting decisions, so we kept some of those neat immersive things about it, but added how it loops into the gameplay.

PCG: Do the religions–Christianity, Buddhism, and the others–come with existing beliefs? Can they be modded?

Beach: We have one scenario that’s set in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where we actually do pre-bake in beliefs, and that’s a great example for our community about how the religion system can be modded. What they can do is add more beliefs in. We have a good set—there are between 50 and 60 beliefs that will ship with the expansions, but there’s no reason the mod community can’t expand on that.

But yeah, the historical religions are just sort of like containers that the beliefs get slotted into–there’s no reason that guruship doesn’t have to be part of Sikhism or Christianity.


So as you can see religion is a big HIT in this expansion pack

One of the bigger changes that will happen with Gods & Kings is a serious revamp to the combat mechanic. Previously, units had roughly a 10 point system to work with in terms damage and health, making combat move pretty darn fast. Gods & Kings brings a 100 point system that can slow down battles, giving players more time to form combat lines or retreat effectively. That’s a huge difference compared to the approach (turtle with units and then perform a blanket attack across the map) most used in Civilization V.


I hope this information was helpfull

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An aggressive mod for aggressive players

I’ve just heard about a really awesome mod.

It’s called World war X.

The mod is basically a total war scenario where peace is out of the question.

You will have to use all your production in barracks military academies etc.

Combat will be unstoppable and irresistible.

In this mod it’s basically fight to the death or trample your enemies with your chariots (or tanks) and achieve victory!

Here is the source where I found the information from.


If you think that diplomacy is just a load of useless chin wagging, and define ‘peace’ as the bit when you build your forces up before crushing everything, you might want to check out World War X. It’s an all out war mod that ramps up the aggression of the AI, lowers the cost and build times of all military units and turns the world into a snarling bear pit of angry, tooled-up nations just spoiling for a fight.