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Civilization Beyond Earth walkthrough

With the recent events happening around Civilization Beyond Earth I though it would be quite helpful to you people if you saw one of the gameplay’s of the game, to give you a small idea of how the game will look like when it is released in October.

I will also post the trailer here if you have not seen it yet.



Hope you enjoy them if you haven’t seen them yet.




Release date Civilization Beyond Earth

The release date of Civilization Beyond earth has been announced. It will be released worldwide on the 24th of October. It will be released simultaneously for PC Mac and Linux (unlike with Civ 5 where it came a whole two month later out). Although availability has not yet been clarified it will most likely have a CD download including a digital download from steam. It is not clear if it will be released on the Mac App Store on day one.

Official God’s and King’s release date announced

The official release date has been announced which shall be the 19th of june. Now I know for sure the Civ mania shall arise.

Greg on the 2k forums was the one who told about this event. Here is a quote form him.

It’s always exciting to announce a release date. It’s one of those things that everyone asks for when they’re looking forward to an upcoming game, ever hopeful that it’s sooner than they fear, and I always have to encourage them to be patient and that the announcement will happen when we’re ready. So when I finally get to announce it, I really enjoy it.

What’s even more exciting than announcing a release date, however, is announcing a release date that is a mere 10 weeks away. That’s right, Civilization V: Gods & Kings will be available in North America on June 19, and internationally on June 22!.

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