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God’s and King’s is Here.

God’s and King’s is finally out for the world. It is now available for Mac and PC and you can purchase it from steam and the Mac app store (in app purchase).

Gods and Kings in now available

Civ World in the Dust?

It is very likely that you don’t or even know civ world and that might be because it has not been the best success and this might be because it has not been updated. Now why is it so bad that it does not get updated. Well for several reasons, if you don’t regularly update the chances of bugs becomes more likely which eventually makes the game nearly unplayable. Also the features that might have been fun and amazing in the last update (in civ’s world’s case over 7 months) now are boring and are just and extra thing to the game. And all this to me together makes it a unplayable boring game.

Civ world the FaceBook game seems to start getting very boring.

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