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This is The civ blog created on may 30th it is a blog about sid miers civilization. Every day or so we will add post about interesting or important updates in the civ community.

The main focuses of this website for now are

– civ5 patches updates and glitch bug info

– civ4 glitch bug info

– occasionally civ world ( more info coming sometime in december)

– God’s and King’s

Facts about the civblog

the civ blog since july has over 1,000 views

since end november average amount of views a day 43

real time friends with the makers of mrzero3cp.wordpress.com and superfoum.wordpress.com

Ancestral beginnings

The civ blog started from the ashes of an website called civ5blog.wordpress.com but it went bad with theciv5blog we got no views and our posts where bad if you still what to see it click the link

My live as blogger and website creater

My very first website was called pt alexander and was based with the google system a couple of versions followed 1.5 gold 2.0.0 2.0.o gold 3.0 beta 3.5 4.0 full beta. These website where helped made by superfoum and mrzero3cp

In march with mrzero3cp we made the website called ptpd.webs.com this website was more formal and more useful to buy using the inside webs game arcade and video system. We made a website which scored high within our class. Our success led to some copy cats trying to copy us but we still where supreme.

Live with the blogs. I started in February with wordpress and my first blog was made pt gold sadly I had no knowledge of wordpress and the website became fail.

Aftrerwards came civ5blog and finally thecivblog

On the 5th of January I created my YouTube channel called Pixely-Films it’s still is in its early stages but you can help by clicking the subscribe button and watching my videos. So if you are interested go to youtube.com/pixelyfilms.

Also today 5th of december is the first day I made my own website 2 years of my internet experience many more to go.

I would like to thank mrzero3cp.wordpress.com for helping me build this blog in its early days.

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