Civ rev border bugs

Today whilst playing civ rev I was starting to encounter some old bugs I used to have in the first update. I call this border bugs or glitches. Let me just explain them to you around every 10 min the borders of civilizations disappear then after a few seconds they reaper or when going near poles you just see some random borders here are some examples.


20120329-210237.jpg giving codes for God’s and King’s has provided a contest. In which you have to play a Civ5 duel and if you manage to win you will get the copy of God’s and King’s on steam when it released.
If you are interested in playing and you want to register go to this link
Are you joining the contest if so good luck.

Civ rev on iPad3

With the new iPad 3 civilization revolution I think will be amazing. But also it dou core will improve experience a lot unlike on the iPad 1 when there was a high possibility of crashing.

Also it’s been rumored that Firaxes is working with Aspyer to make civilization 5. Because the iPad 3 does have the necessary capabilities to run civilization 5. Also imagine the beautiful natural world of civ5 on that retina display that has more pixels than a HD tv. It would like amazing don’t you think.

New civilization 4 mods

It’s been a month of civilization 5 gods and kings but also finally the new mods for civilization 4 have come out and of course like we always do we pick the best of the best

3. In the third position sits multiverse. We chose multiverse because of it’s dynamic story line which takes place in the renaissance era. Also it’s big expansion from the original game are significant for instance 90 new civilizations you don’t get that the hole time do you.

2. Although the new updated of MOO2 civ was not that significant it still has a vibrant story I think the coolest thing about this mod is very likely the idea that you are in space.

1. Sits Rohan’s rise if yo are familiar to the Lord of the Rings series you might find this one interesting. You spawn in the area called middle earth. It has got a very vibrant story. Just check this quote of

The place is Middle-earth. The Year is TA 2510. An evil group of Easterlings is moving south-west, threating Gondor and all of Middle-earth. The One Ring is still in Gollum’s Possession… Even Smaug has not been vanquished. The Orcs are coming down out of the Misty Mountains. Only one group of people can stop all Middle-earth from destruction…

This is a mod about none other than – Middle-earth! 

Which mod shall you be getting write a comment below

Civ 5 gods and kings info and qoutes

We are nearing the deadline to Gods and kings as we come closer to April. I have been looking for some more information and I hope these quotes shall help you in your understanding.

Beach: I think what was engaging about the Civ IV system was just the idea of religions springing up and spreading throughout the map, bumping up against each other, and there being conflict there—wrestling for control of the hearts and minds of everybody. That gave a great flavor to everything, and it felt like it was a richer world because of that, but taking a hard look at that, we didn’t feel like there was a huge impact on the gameplay. It was like this cooler world going on, but it wasn’t really giving us interesting decisions, so we kept some of those neat immersive things about it, but added how it loops into the gameplay.

PCG: Do the religions–Christianity, Buddhism, and the others–come with existing beliefs? Can they be modded?

Beach: We have one scenario that’s set in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where we actually do pre-bake in beliefs, and that’s a great example for our community about how the religion system can be modded. What they can do is add more beliefs in. We have a good set—there are between 50 and 60 beliefs that will ship with the expansions, but there’s no reason the mod community can’t expand on that.

But yeah, the historical religions are just sort of like containers that the beliefs get slotted into–there’s no reason that guruship doesn’t have to be part of Sikhism or Christianity.

So as you can see religion is a big HIT in this expansion pack

One of the bigger changes that will happen with Gods & Kings is a serious revamp to the combat mechanic. Previously, units had roughly a 10 point system to work with in terms damage and health, making combat move pretty darn fast. Gods & Kings brings a 100 point system that can slow down battles, giving players more time to form combat lines or retreat effectively. That’s a huge difference compared to the approach (turtle with units and then perform a blanket attack across the map) most used in Civilization V.

I hope this information was helpfull

The civ blog

God’s and king’s gameplay

I have been looking at a numerous amount of screenshots of god’s and king’s and I ams starting to think how might it look like.
Yes for sure it shall have the same GUI as the normal version from civilization 5 but my guess is already that there will be a difference in how you navigate through your menu because if god’s and king’s shall use the same menu as the current version has it will make the UI look messy and difficult to understand so I do believe that Firaxes shall work on that. So navigation most likely shall get an upgrade also this counts in how you mange your units.

The music and soundtracks shall have to change and here are some fundamental reasons why.
To fit with the new environments
To fit with the new civilizations like the Netherlands and Carthage
To fit with idea for religion
New wonders need new soundtracks

But I think for sure that Firaxes is working on that right at this moment.

Back to the UI I think that Firaxes has to improve the city screen because the new things like religion and new projects etc wont fit with the current one.

New review for god’s and kings

Today in San Francisco there was a game developer conference for firaxes. Today the topic was God’s and King’s.
A load of new screenshots of the God’s and king’s where released too like this one

In the game conference they also talked about some of he new epic civics that we are going to see like the carthagianians or the Mayans or impi tribes. Also there have been added epic improvements like he tulip fields for the netherlands.

Here is a quote from

For the first expansion to its well-reviewed turn-based strategy game, Firaxis is adding many of the things Civ fans normally expect from extended content — including 27 new units, 14 new buildings, and 9 new civilizations (including the Celts, Mayans, Byzantines, Dutch, and Carthaginians). But the changes that have me the most excited are the re-introduction of religion and espionage to the political mechanizations.

Rather than recycle the religion system used in Civilization IV, for Gods & Kings lead designer Ed Beach wanted to build a new system from the ground up. The result is a new resource, faith, that players gather just like they do with culture and science. Early in the Grand Campaign, players have the option from choosing between the 11 most common real-world religions or creating and naming their own belief system. By choosing two values, players earn specific bonuses unique to their young religion. Players can hasten the spread of their value system by purchasable missionaries and the grand prophet moving him into new cities.

I hope you enjoy gods and kings


Mountain lion with civ5

I have already talked about this matter I think but considering how close the release might me I thought I would delve deeper into details. As mountain lion shall have game center I have some expectations what firaxes might do. First of all if you buy civililization 5 on the Mac app stores I think that it will interact with game center.  Second also what I think is that civ rev will be playable and downloadable on the Mac apps store. Also I think that now with iCloud you can play civ rev on your iPad and continou on you Mac.

God’s and king’s best expansion pack ever

In my opinion Gods and kings expansion pack is brilliant as it also says in the title it’s great. Why is it so great well let me tell you it’s got 27 new technologies which makes the gameplay really diverse and more astonishing. The to big hits in this game are for sure religion and espionage.

As I have talked already religion I shall now talk about espionage. Espionage was never that important in the previose version of the saga but now firaxes made sure that spies would actually be one of the most important unit.

As it says in spies can now steal things like ultra super technoliegies or trying to influences there alies and make them enemies.

I have now finally got some information about the release date and it said that it will be released at the end of spring so around April you could say.

I hope when it comes out you will have a fun time playing it.

God’s and king’s detials

God’s and king’s as you might already know has been unveiled to the public. Already I have talked about glitches and the gameplay experience you might encounter whilst playing but I have not yet really clearly talked about the details of god’s and king’s.

To begin with for people who are already known with the basic UI (user interface) of civ5 don’t have to worry really as God’s and king’s   is using the same template.

Although the expansion is similar to the normal UI of civ5 there are some twiks and spins.

I think the two most important changes are the benefits of religion and the more advanced AI.

A really cool feature in religion is the idea you can make it your self which is really neat I think. My meaning with making your own religion is that you can start of with the base of you religion and as time passes by you get upgrades to your religion and you faith continues to spread among the world.

The improvement of the AI if find is very important especially because the recent AI of the basic civ5 was just let say it in this way “messed up” I mean for some strange reason for one minute your allies and the second later you are in full scale war. So a improvement in the AI was going to be crucial.  Now the AI think smarter more valid and logical and to put it in the short term the AI is now normal.