Big mac update

Today when I was looking through steam news I came to something interesting it seams that there is now a special mac update for civ5 only for mac. So if you mac users want something new well here it is

Still not forgotten

When the 21st of september came nothing new had come but it has just been released the 2k and firaxes are putting a mega sale on steam I was really surprised so get your stuff ready because now is your chance to get everything of civ that you want

welcome back and a happy new civ5 year

welcome back to the civblog sorry for no posts for a long time I was at a camp. Oke but we are here not to to talk about camps but about civ. as it is now the 23rd of sep it means that civ5 is 1 year and 2 days old. but although we thought that lots of updates would happen nothing got changed not even a bug fix…..

although this miserable start of a new civ year the civ blog team still find that change is good so now we present you a new update of the civblog and as you can see maybe it is filled with civ5 stuff.

thats all for now until next time stay civ5

load game bug

today when I was trying to open one of my save files in civ5 suddenly the game crashed

Now I have a question for you guys does this just happen to me because I am playing on A Mac os lion or does it happen to everyone

if this has happened to you write  a comment and we will try to investigate further in this quite strange and annoying matter and If you have a account on civ fanatics or 2kforums maybe talk further about this


civ4 holding strong

although the release of civ5 made many people upgrade civ4 is still holding strong and has been announced civ4 is the bestseller civ of all of the series. I my self still play the game and it seems also firaxis is not giving up on civ4 because this year there have been many updates. Also I they are still producing the game but I am not sure about that.


although there are only 13 days to go until civ5 one year will become (the official civ5 webpage) has not made any notice as far as I can see.

maybe they are just keeping it a secret because maybe some people forgot and they want to keep it a surprise?