Funny game edit

Today I started fiddling around with the civilization editor and I found it quite hilarious. I made this unit which had a pumpkin head candle sword and a skeleton body. ( I am sorry that I could not get a screenshot 😦 ) Anyways if you have the civ edit if you want you can make a halloween character and put it into a comment and you might have the chance of becoming a author

Civ5 game bug

This was the most annoying game bug I have ever gotten. Whilst playing my game totally crashed and when I reopened it. EVERY GAME SAVE all my steam achievements everything deleted. I hope FIRAXES recognizes this bug because this is really bad.

scary Halloween civ’s

Because halloween is so close now we though we would make a little thing and this seasons thing is who is the most scariest who looking leader when they are angry.

Post a comment with who you think looks like the most scariest leader in civ with a attach photo the winner could maybe join the civ blog group

Barbarian invasion roaaaooor

Help barbarians atleast I am not playing as the romans.

Today whilst paling civ5 something unexpected form the fog of war. An massive group of barbarians went straight into my empire and destroying everything even plundering my cities. Has this been happening to you?

write a comment

and until next time don’t play as the roman empire

the state of the city refuses the game rules

weird but true as I have been playing my current civ game I have been experiencing many bugs the most annoying is my realization ship with the city states.

finally after a long time my allied city sate new unit form tyre (city sate) but that didn’t happen instead a lost a unit that was in there territory

has this been happening to you

until next time stay out of borders of city states