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Little bug

A couple days ago I was playing a game of civ 5 and I suddenly saw something a little funny in one of my cities. 

I had just constructed the Taj Mahal and when I looked at the city from the map mode it looked as if there where two Taj Mahal’s build.


Two wonders


Has this little bug happened to you with the Taj or maybe other wonders, comment below 

Civilization: Beyond Earth

I had expected this for a while but not like this.

I had expected that Firaxes would bring out a new Civ game this year, but not one as bold as the one which was released only a couple of days ago, the new civ game is called Civilization: Beyond Earth, a bold step from the old games in one major way.

Instead of starting on earth at the beginning of humans agricultural beginnings and ending to the near future. Civilization Beyond Earth goes to a time period when humans leave earth to a new planet.

Here is the trailer:


I will be brining out more posts later with further details.


Platforms supported:

Mac, PC, Linux



Are you exited?

The Scrambled Nations DLC

I just recently downloaded the Scrambled Nations DLC for civ 5 and I do have to say I did enjoy it. It gives quite a new feel to civ which I always enjoy and the gameplay is generally good. Of course the changes are not as radical as the God’s and King’s expansion pack or Brave New World expansion pack the game does add a couple of new features.

For the people who don’t know what the scrambled nations here is a tiny description…

Is geography destiny? Why repeat history when you could forge a new geography each time you begin a game? The Scrambled Nations map pack includes maps for the geographic regions of Canada, Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Italy, Russia and China. The geographic outlines of each nation are exact; however, special scripts produce randomized interiors each time a new game begins, allowing for endless replayability.



I have started playing a bit of civ 5 recently again and I have found out something very annoying which has made the game in some sense unplayable. Every time I reach the Modern or Future era it seams that the game crashes. It might be just that my save file is corrupted or something in that essence but it also could be a widespread bug in the game.

If you have been getting similar issues comment below.

Civ 5 multiplayer compatibility

Today I would like to talk about something that generally annoys me. Me and a couple of my friends were trying to play a game of civ together with each other. All of us had Mac running the same version OSX 10.8.5, most of us had the game from the app store except one of us, he bought it from steam. Anyway we though because we are all using macs on the same platform playing multiplayer with the Steam version and Mac app store would just work. Well it did not you cant even host a game with each other. And I do find it quite annoying that just because they are from different stores they cant work together.

Back from break and more

Some of you might be wondering what is happening with the blog, well I went on a little break focusing a bit on some other topics.  But now I am back so post will be appearing again on TheCivBlog.

Anyway on some news, tomorrow I am going to have a recording session of civilisation 5 tomorrow with a couple of other people for the Youtube Pixelyfilms channel. Due to it being civ related I am making sure that every time a episode is uploaded on the YouTube channel it also will come with a blog post on the blog. 

For now that is all and I will try to post something soon

Brave New World reviews

<p>The Brave New World expansion pack was release just about a month ago and now it is time to see how the reviewers have responded to the new expansion pack. Many of the reviews seem to have been very positive from IGN they gave a score of 9,4 rating. “This is the most fun I’ve had with Civilization since Civ IV, and the best late-game since Civ II. Brave New World is the rare case of a title delivering exactly what it promises.” And GameSpot gave a rating of 9.5. It seams all in all that the response to the Brave New World expansion pack is very good and if you have not bought it yet it is worth buying.